Dear Berliners,

my name is Hanna Steinmüller and I want to represent Berlin-Mitte in the Bundestag. My aim is that 50 years from now Mitte will still be a district worth living in. For this to happen, we need to take action now.

One in three children in Berlin-Mitte grows up in poverty — this is unacceptable. To put an end to this, I advocate a Kindergrundsicherung. Another burden for the future generations is the climate crisis. To curb further global warming and prepare our cities for the effects of climate change, we must take the appropriate measures now. In the district parliament, I am currently fighting for decisive climate change mitigation and welcoming public spaces. I know Mitte and our local challenges and to address these issues we need tailwind from the federal level.

Mitte is ready for its first Green representative. For that I need Your vote on the 26th of September.


Unterschrift Hanna Steinmüller

What I want to achieve with Your vote

Fight child poverty
Child poverty is one of the greatest injustices in wealthy countries such as ours. In Germany, more than two million children live in poverty. To remedy this, I would like to replace the current jungle of funding with a Kindergrundsicherung — a form of child benefit independent from the form of family, that covers the actual needs, and benefits all children.


More green and more water for Mitte
The climate crisis will be with us for the foreseeable future. Heat waves and extreme weather events are becoming more and more common. In Mitte there is far too much concrete and asphalt, exacerbating the problems by creating urban heat islands — especially in the less affluent neighbourhoods.
Green and water improve the quality of life in the city and offer cooling in the increasingly hot summers. They also help stabilise our climate. That is why I want to increase federal funding for green spaces and water in cities.


Create affordable and ecological living space
It is becoming increasingly difficult to find affordable housing in Mitte. Many people are being displaced and have to leave Mitte. I don’t want to accept that! That is why I support a right to housing in the Grundgesetz, more rights for tenants, and more new housing construction with a focus on the public interest.
In order to meet the Paris climate targets, our apartments need ecological modernisation as soon as possible. For apartments to remain affordable, I advocate a Klimawohngeld — a subsidy for ecological modernisation for low income households. This way, housing in Mitte will be ecological without uprooting low income residents.


About me
In 2011, I came to Berlin volunteering with socially disadvantaged young people. And stayed — to study social sciences, to do volunteer work in the field of sustainability and as a speaker for climate change mitigation in the district parliament. I also work for a member of the Berlin House of Representatives and am a passionate cyclist.